Our extensive range of beams avoids the need for repeats - a common complaint with moulded products. Hand-staining also provides customers with an almost unlimited choice of finishes - allowing specific requirements to be accommodated.

Even in a contemporary setting, our beams provide an attractive traditional background, their crookedness complementing the crisp symmetry of modern styles.

Whilst few of us are lucky enough to live in an old farmhouse, traditional-style kitchens can be installed in houses of any age. A period setting can easily be created with the addition of our reproduction beams.

Cosy country cottages remain some of the most highly desirable properties on the market, though good examples remain in short supply. The authenticity and convenience provided by our products allow home-owners to achieve a similar interior without needing to move!

Being light in weight, our beams require no structural work, and their ease of fitting encourages DIY enthusiasts to tackle the job themselves. Alternatively, customers who prefer to have their beams fitted by others will find the work well within the abilities of their regular handyman, or a local tradesman. An interest in the job is the most important aspect.

Unaffected by moisture, our products do not suffer the movement and resultant cracking of real wood in damp or centrally heated situations. Consequently, they are ideal for use in bathrooms and swimming pools.