RSJ Covers

Responding to our customers' demands for an Oakleaf beam to clad large RSJs, we introduced The Great Beam.

Having searched the architectural salvage companies up and down the country, looking for just the right beam to cast, (confirming how difficult it was to find an old beam of this stature!), finally we found the beautiful 300 year old original, in a yard in Surrey.

Weighing around 750kgs, it cost £900, and another £150 for delivery to our factory, for mould-making to commence. We are delighted with the result, as are our customers.

Further more we have introduced Beam cladding planks. In cases where the boxed steel beam is too large to fit within the Great Beam, or for those seeking a less rustic appearance, the Cladding Plank provides a useful alternative.

The plank features an adzed oak appearance with finer grain and fewer scars and knots and an assembly of 3 planks will enclose up to 300mm square x 5.89m in length.

Planks are supplied either loose for on-site assembly, or assembled in the factory into a 'U' shaped beam.

With deep grain to match beams, chamfered on one edge, 19ft long, designed specifically for cladding large RSJ’s. Available in 3 lengths.