Do you have a showroom?
Yes, we have a showroom in our premises, which you are welcome to visit (by appointment only) Monday - Wednesday 9:00 - 4:00.

Are these products made from real oak?
No - they are reproductions of beautiful old and antique beams, replicating all the original detail and characteristics including the grain, knots etc. They look, feel and sound authentic and are indistinguishable from the real thing. Check out our 'why choose us' page for some comparisons between our products and others.

How do these products compare with real oak on cost?
The price of oak, both ‘green’ and reclaimed, varies across the country, but it is important to remember the cost of fitting in any price comparisons - being light in weight and supplied fully finished, our product is quick and easy to fit, whilst oak is heavy, often requiring additional building work. For example, our T23 Great Beam RSJ cover weighs around 30kg in it's full 6.3m length, whereas the original oak beam weighed 750kg.  

How do these products compare with real oak on performance?
Being purely decorative, unlike wood they cannot be used to support weight. However, they can be used to disguise and age modern steel structures convincingly, and being impervious to moisture, will neither crack nor twist when exposed to the effects of central heating (also unlike wood!).

What are these products made from?
They are made from a lightweight resin-based material cast from old oak originals, such that even close scrutiny rarely distinguishes replica from original.

How do I measure for the beam that I want?
Firstly, have a look at our layout tips to see which beam should go where. Once you’ve decided, you will need to measure the length you require - this will help you decide which beam will be best. Scan through the different beams width and depth options. If you are measuring for a beam to cover an RSJ, you will need to measure the length, width and depth. Please note you will require the gross dimensions of the RSJ once it has been clad in plasterboard.

Why should I buy reproduction beams rather than real oak beams?
There are a number of reasons why reproduction oak beams would suit the job better than real oak. Unaffected by moisture, our products do not suffer the movement and resultant cracking of real wood in damp or centrally heat situations. C
heck out our 'why choose us' page for further details.

Do the beams look real?
Absolutely - we’ve had plenty of customers reach out to us with stories of how friends and family have been shocked to hear what they thought was an old original beam in their 200 year old home was in fact a reproduction.

How long will it take for me to get my order?
Production will take around 3 - 4 weeks as everything is made and hand-finished to order with delivery normally adding 3-5 working days. Take a look at our shipping page for further information. 

Can I put these products near my fireplace?
If you wish to fit our products near a fireplace, first check the temperature of the heat emitted from the fire; our products will withstand up to 100 degrees C.

Do you do lengths other than what’s offered on the products pages?
If you require longer lengths that what is offered, please give us a call to discuss.

Do you do any other products for period houses?
Our parent company Oakleaf Reproductions Ltd offer a large range of products from wall paneling to decorative mirrors, and even simulated leather book panels. Take a look at the website www.oakleaf.co.uk

Are the beams load bearing?
No - the beams are solely for decorative purposes.

Can I install your products myself?
Yes - being light in weight, our beams require no structural work, and their ease of fitting encourages DIY enthusiasts to tackle the job themselves. Alternatively, customers who prefer to have their beams fitted by others with find the work well within the abilities of their regular handyman, or a local tradesman.

Do you offer a fitting service?
No we don’t, but can offer advice and tips.

Can I order a sample?
Yes - you can order samples by contacting us at sales@oakleaf.co.uk, or call us on 01535 663 274.