Intermediate Beam (T2)

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About the product
There are two models supplied, both moulded on four sides so they may be used as posts. The ‘Old’ model is very gnarled and rough, and the ‘New’ model is more symmetrical. Both are 12ft. long. If using multiples of these beams, we would recommend using both Old and New designs. Best fitted by cutting one side into a ‘U’ shape with a circular saw and fitting around a piece of softwood screwed to ceiling timbers if there is no existing fixing. The T2 may also be supplied split down their length to make shallower beams, called T2 half.

Call to enquire about samples. 

Dimensions (mm) approx
Old - 3720 long x 150 wide x 150 deep
New - 3720 long x 150 wide x 130 deep