Main Beam (T1)

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About the product
Made from an 18ft. long oak beam, and available in 6ft. (T1), 9ft. (T1Bhalf), 12ft. (T1A) and 18ft. (T1B) lengths. ‘U’ shaped, it will clad a small RSJ and make a realistic cladding for a large one (see detailed image). Large gaps above the fitted T1 may be filled with plaster and painted to match the ceiling, simulating a raised ceiling. Best fitted around a piece of softwood screwed to ceiling timbers if there is no existing fixing.

Please note the T1B carries a supplement charge for delivery as it is over 4.8m long. Please call 01535 663 274 for a quote. 

Call to enquire about samples. 

Dimensions (mm) approx
External - 1800 (T1), 2730 (T1Bhalf), 3660 (T1A), 5460 (T1B) long x 170 wide x 190 (min) - 260 (max) deep
Internal - 1800 (T1), 2730 (T1Bhalf), 3660 (T1A), 5460 (T1B) long x 115 wide x 120 deep